Together with Chopper, they boarded the walker, took out the pilots, and escaped through the hatch. At that point, Marida fired a rocket at their hijacked AT-AT, which toppled to the ground. Ezra’s team then escaped into the wilderness on Ryder’s two landspeeders. During the journey, Ezra knowledgeable Marida that her husband had died in the course of the mission. Ezra, Kanan, and Ryder then attended a hologram debriefing with Hera, Sabine, and Zeb. After decrypting the stolen Imperial plans, the rebels learned that Thrawn had developed a brand new starfighter initiative that threatened the insurrection. Following Kallus’ directions, Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper commandeered an AT-DP walker and exited the east gate.

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After Kallus used the station port to transmit Kanan’s signal to Ryder, the rebels realized that Ryder was launching a diversionary assault on the east gate. Kallus then informed the rebels that they could escape by way of the hangar bay at the east gate. To persuade Kallus’ Imperial superiors that he had fought against the rebels, Ezra used the Force to fling him in opposition to a glass monitor display. When Kanan chided Ezra for beating him to the sport, Ezra reassured him that he would get one other chance now that Kallus was working for them. Inside the turbolift, the rebels encountered their perennial adversary Agent Kallus, who quickly acknowledged them. Satisfied, Kanan enlisted Kallus’ help in breaching a communications station in order that they could contact Ryder.

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For the mission, Ezra and the droids stole a star Commuter 2000 shuttle from Lothal’s Capital City spaceport and allowed themselves to be captured by Lieutenant Lyste’s Imperial light cruiser, the place Agent Kallus was stationed. For the second part, Kanan and Rex, who were disguised as stormtroopers, would choose up the rebels and Kallus within the stolen Imperial Shuttle TY992. At the stronghold, Ezra and his fellow rebels received a cold reception from Ursa, who was displeased to see her daughter within the company of rebels. Still, Ursa reluctantly granted them an viewers in her throne room but ordered the visitors to give up their weapons together with Sabine’s Darksaber. Ezra and Kanan listened as Sabine had a tense dialogue with her mom about the Empire, Fenn Rau’s Protectors, and Gar Saxon. While Sabine and Ursa withdrew for a personal dialog, Ezra and Kanan remained behind in the throne room under guard.

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After Hera managed to manually seal the hatch, the rebels despatched AP-5 to open the doorways to the cargo bay from exterior the ship. The two insurgent pilots then rejoined the Ghost exterior the Archeon Nebula.

Another pilot Gold Five was killed while she was making an attempt to protect the Ghost. The rebels managed to lose two of the pursuing TIE Interceptors to the intense warmth of the nebula but had been unable to outrun Skerris’ Defender fighter. To save Senator Mothma, Ezra satisfied Hera to let him and Vander stay behind the TIE Defender while the Ghost exited the Nebula first. Following a short dogfight, Vander managed to quickly disable Skerris’ TIE Defender. While touring through hyperspace aboard Gold Two’s Y-wing, Ezra corresponded with his fellow Spectres and Mothma through intercom. At the recommendation of Hera, the rebels decided to travel to Dantooine by way of the damaging Archeon pass. Mothma needed to journey to Dantooine so as to rally the rebel cells into an Alliance to Restore the Republic.

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Kallus then reprogrammed the Grand Admiral’s Imperial sentry droids into assassins. While Thrawn struggled with the droids, Ezra and Chopper fled. Thrawn caught a glimpse of Ezra and mistook him for Lyste.

Ezra and his staff then traveled to a stone circle in Lothal’s wilderness that served as Ryder’s encampment. There, Ezra was reunited with a number of old associates together with the farmer Morad Sumar, his wife Marida Sumar, and the Ithorian bartender Jho. Morad famous that Ezra had grown and complimented the younger rebel for making his dad and mom proud. Ezra and Kanan learnt that Ryder’s cell was sabotaging autos produced by the Lothal Imperial factory. After discussing their mission with Ryder and Morad, the rebels learned that the Empire had a secret project housed inside the manufacturing unit’s Section A2.

The Spectres and Rex agreed to help Saw complete his mission. While contacting Hera at a big air shaft, the rebels discovered the Geonosian hiding on the opposite aspect.